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Client Sessions

We all feel lost sometimes and just need a safe place to go to talk about anything and everything, knowing that we won't be judged.  If you have never had a spiritual practitioner session before, you may not  know that is exactly what they are designed to be.  We believe the answers you seek are already within you and can be accessed with thoughtful guidance and compassionate listening. 


A session with me will create a space for you to seek and find your inner guidance in a safe, sacred space.  A normal session is about an hour long and will include a grounding prayer, time for you to explore whatever is on your mind and in your heart and end with a closing prayer.  Oftentimes there will be a "homework" assignment or a suggestion to take away and work on in your own time to help with clarity and focus on the answers you seek. 


My motto is "I will walk with you in the darkness and hold the light until you remember the light is within you."  This means that I will be with you as long as you need through the healing process and help you remember the truth of who you are.  If you are ready to embark on the journey to remembering who you are really meant to be, please contact me for an appointment.

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